It can be frustrating, time-consuming and expensive to pursue individuals and businesses who owe you money. If you allow your debtors to be late with any payments, this can lead to serious consequences for you or your business.

In such times, we at Jain, Neil & Ruddy provide an efficient and cost effective service to our clients. We focus liaising professionally with your debtors on your behalf to ensure you are paid.

We can advise on all methods of enforcement action and assist you in choosing the most suitable option in your circumstances to achieve recovery of the debt owed to you. If you are pursuing a large number of debts, we are also prepared to discuss carrying out work on a retained fixed-fee basis.

We also provide a free initial telephone consultation. This will allow us to assess your position and provide you with initial advice on how to resolve matters with your debtors.

We will provide you with practical advice and work efficiently to recover sums due to you avoiding expensive litigation where possible. In the event that you require to raise a court action to recover the sums due to you, we can structure for you an approach based on a fixed fee for each stage of the process.

Please contact us for a free telephone consultation to find out how we can assist.